2014 CD nr • 1CD

Hanna Shybayeva plays Simona Concaro

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Playing with Autism 1.0

Hanna Shybayeva (piano)


Playing with Autism is a two year colaboration between Hanna and prof. Pieluigi Politi (Pavia Univercity, Italy).


It contains twenty-four original pieces for piano, recorded and carefully transcribed in current music notation by Pierluigi Politi and Hanna Shybayeva. Simona Concaro, the author, is a young woman suffering of low-functioning autism. She lives in Cascina Rossago, a farm-community, designed to meet the needs of people with autism, in Oltrepo pavese (Italy).
Since she was three, Simona Concaro has created original compositions on piano, instrument she learned by herself, refusing any kind of musical education. In everyday life, Simona does not use verbal language and has low autonomy. Her music, on the contrary, contains interesting features – melodic, rhythmic and harmonic –, even in the presence of some iterative elements, typical of the autistic spectrum.


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