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Hi-Fi Stars review

Schubert Piano Sonatas

American Record Guide, CD review

The Andantino of this sonata, calling for subtle contrast between dynamics, is felicitously handled, with very clear delineation. The central section is a wild outburst and quite a surprise in Schubert’s music. The contrast is all the more pronounced when the pianist is able to supply real hushed playing in the music preceding it. The ensuing Scherzo begs for a more brusque playing style than what has gone before and is given it. The Trio section serves as a nice contrast, but this is a more conventional movement where subtlety is not a prime factor.

In the long Rondo concluding the sonata, Shybayeva, freed from the shackles of unhappy thoughts, sets forth on a journey of clarity and high spirits. Once again this mostly gentle music is phrased so beautifully it might draw tears from some listeners. The Sonata in A minor, D 784, was completed in 1823. It is not a happy work; on the contrary, it is full of anguish and among the bleakest of his compositions. It is also most deeply felt, and Shybayeva realizes this to the fullest. The opening Allegro Giusto and ensuing Andante are taken slightly slower than usual.  

The composer’s argument is mesmerizing in these able hands. The short slow movement offers slight relief from the intensity, but the frigid wind returns in the final Allegro Vivace.   I had to revisit several other performances to verify if all was really as good as heard. It was, and since performances of this caliber don’t grow on trees, it would be a wise collector who gobbles this one up without delay. The recording is outstanding, and the low price is an added incentive .


Label: Brilliant Classics | Cat.: 93913

Rachmaninoff: Etudes Tableaux

Leidsch Dagblad

"...expressive, monumental, full of deep relief, a floating panel full of light and air, touched by forceful penstrokes and series of full chords, an heroïc melodic line above a small motive,  gradually being swept along and fused into a sea of amalgamated sounds. Impressively beautiful ! ..."

Label: Etcetera




The Ireland Concerts

The Irish Times, Martin Adams

"...outside the superstar circuit Shybayeva is one of the most profoundly musical accompanists I have heard in some time.

"Accompanist" seems an inadequate word for a pianist who, from the notes that opened the concert so obviously understood her role...... 

.....It was a concert that I approached wondering what it might be like, and left thinking "That was great!" 

NRC Handelsblad


"...impresses with a solid sense of form and the imaginative and rich coulouring of her playing..."

Schubert Piano Sonatas


" this realisation of both sonates, the essence of the structure is beautifully expressed in the contrast between heroïc and tender thoughts, first impressing and then seducing the listener, in both cases providing optimum enjoyment and pleasure....."

Label: Brilliant Classics | Cat.: 93913

De Gooi- & Eemlander


"...clearly going her own way, not impeded by any technical shortcomings..."










Schubert Piano Sonatas


"...her readings of Schubert's pianosonates D784 and D959 are very consistent in tempo and in the way she presents their well-layered musical form. Shybayeva convincingly knows how to carry Schubert's long tension-curves, with some very well succeeded impulses leading to a deep sense of rapture..."


Label: Brilliant Classics | Cat.: 93913

De Gelderlander


"...something which rarely happens: a concert never to forget!"

Hamburger Abendblatt


"...sie begeisterte die Zuhörerinnen und Zuhörer mit ausgefeilter Technik, guter Anschlagkultur und hoher Präzision..."




"...exceptionally forceful, imaginative in colouring and thoroughly convincing..."


Leeuwarder Courant


"...Shybayeva: vigorous and sensitive at the same time..."

Eindhovens Dagblad


"...with the daringly slow tempo and breathtaking silences in the first part of Schubert, Shybayeva gave proof of a great  artist..."

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